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Mailing List

If you wish to contribute to LinuxPPS, you should subscribe to the LinuxPPS mailing list. You can help by answering questions and helping other users.

Contributing to LinuxPPS

To make modifications to the source code, you should download the source code with git by following these instructions. You can then use git to generate patches by following the instructions below.

After you have made your changes, you can generate a patch with the following command:

$ git diff > my-linuxpps-changes.patch

This will produce a patch containing the changes you have made to your repository. If you would like to do anything more complicated, please refer to the git manual.

Please then post the patch to the LinuxPPS mailing list.

Contributing to the Documentation

If you wish to suggest modifications to the documentation present on this wiki, please use the following procedure:

  • Use the following commands to get a text-only copy of the web page:
$ lynx --dump '' > LinuxPPS.txt
$ cp LinuxPPS.txt LinuxPPS.txt.orig
  • Make your changes to the LinuxPPS.txt file
  • Run the following command to generate a diff with your changes:
$ diff -u LinuxPPS.txt.orig LinuxPPS.txt

This will help me to determine what you changed.

Please send the changes to the LinuxPPS mailing list.